Are you hoping to become a photographer but don’t really know where to start? Well the best thing to do is to build up a portfolio. This is the ideal way of building up a body of work that you can use to show potential clients what you can do and it’s also a great way to develop your skills as a photographer. You should take the time to really develop your portfolio as best you can and here are some ideas to help you along.

Look Out For Great Locations

If you have a natural eye for a great picture then you should be able to draw inspiration from pretty much any surroundings. If you live in the countryside then you have all the natural beauty of trees, mountains, rivers and flowers. If you live in a city then you have bright lights, poignant scenes and lots of people doing lots of things. Perhaps you live by the sea and you have beaches, coastlines and the sea as your backdrop. Wherever you are you will be able to find a beautiful shot.

A great way to build up your portfolio is to do some free photography work. Don’t think of it as working for free though; think of it as a chance to get some vital working experience and to get your name out there. Who knows the people you take photos for may just use you again in the future and pay for your services. Look out for people advertising for a photographer and put ads in the local paper or online to promote your service, make sure to mention that you’re free and you will soon get requests.

Try To Experience All Areas Of Photography

If you can fill your portfolio with all kinds of shots like art pieces, portraits, group pictures, sports scenes and weddings then you will be able to show potential clients or employers that you have a great range and that you can do it all. To gain this experience you could apply for an internship at a local newspaper, offer to take pictures at the weddings of your friends and family and just visit local sporting events and start taking pictures. It all helps and serves to make you a better photographer.

Try To Be A Bit Different

You will want to separate yourself from all the other photographers out there and the best way to do this is to think outside the box and take photographs that other people are not. Instead of taking a traditional wedding photograph you could go along to a civil partnership ceremony and ask if you can take a couple of pictures. If you have some friends in a band you could go along to a gig and take a few shots of them in action. Perhaps you know a local football team who would be up for doing a naked calendar for charity, there are lots of ways to grab people’s attention with your pictures.

Here are list of Photographers’ Portfolio for Inspiration

1. Andrew G. Hobbs


2. Andrew Gransden


3. Ashley Lebedev


4. Brent Stirton


5. Chase Jarvis


6. Christian Oth


7. Ciril Jazbec


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