Like a great content management systems platform WordPress has numerous good examples for each work like portfolios, galleries, companies, blogs etc. Newspaper magazine styles are the popular WordPress themes and they’re very helpful for controlling many posts on the page.

This kind of WordPress themes are generally loved by medium and small-sized groups who can provide real content every single day. You can easily show many sliders and thumbnails on the web page so that you can push up your post views simply. But you have to select correct theme for the website visitors. For instance in case your site visitors are usually searching for art galleries search for an extra visual one, usually have a look for many text-based ones.

Premium themes have amazing features and also other specialist ones are truly enjoyable. Here I will discuss 10 latest amazing newspaper WordPress theme styles.

1.            Eventina Theme

2.            HotGoss Theme


3.            SportState Theme


4.            LifeStyle Theme


5.            Arthemia Theme


6.            WP-MediaMag WordPress Theme


7.            Studio Press News WordPress Theme


8.            HeadLine WordPress Theme


9.            Mimbo Pro WordPress Theme


10.         Yamidoo Magazine Theme


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