If you have a fitness business or fitness-related blog, then your website needs to feature the gym or fitness “feeling.” These three WordPress themse do just that, and look amazing to boot. You won’t have to worry about looking cheap with these themes. Each theme has a professional look and feel that will provide you with years of relevant use. As a bonus, all three of these themes are fully mobile responsive and each theme costs less than $100.

When looking for a fitness theme, look for the following criteria for best results:

  • Mobile responsive
  • Large photo areas
  • Feed for multiple content streams
  • Space for visitor/owner interaction
  • Bold colors
  • Simple design

These three apps meet all of the above criteria with ease and will provide an excellent base for any sports or fitness-related content on a website. There is even space for ads if you choose to go that route.

Themes for Fitness Sites


GymBase is designed with gyms in mind. The theme is designed to look like a typical gym page where you can sign up for a membership and read relevant members-only content. You don’t have to own a gym to use this theme, however. It will work just as well for any fitness related website. For just $45, you can hardly find a better deal anywhere.

Features of this theme:

  • Mobile responsive
  • Easy to use homepage slider
  • Room for large photos
  • Blog page with space for comments
  • Included timetable

Black Bodybuilding

This WordPress has a sleek feel and a tough vibe that bodybuilders will appreciate. The theme features a black background with high contrast text and buttons that make the design stand out. Originally designed for bodybuilding websites, you can use it for any fitness-related design. This theme cost just $75.

Features of this theme:

  • Space for large photos
  • Mobile responsive
  • Areas for three content streams
  • Simple categories
  • 4 footer areas
  • 2 header areas

Black and Grey Surfing

This theme features a black and grey design that will fit in with nearly any fitness or sports topic. The theme features three content areas, which is useful for websites that generate a lot of content. A small header and large footer ensure you have the space for the items you value most. This unique template will set you back just $75.

Features of this theme:

  • Simple, yet elegant design
  • Mobile responsive
  • Photo-based content
  • Customizable layout

These three themes offer the very best of fitness-branded themes for WordPress. If you have a fitness site, any of these three options can maximize your business and bring new visitors to your site. Although there are many other fitness themes out there, these are some of the best- mainly because they are mobile responsive. As more and more people switch to browsing the Internet on tablets and other mobile devices, it is more important than ever to have a mobile-responsive site, no matter what your topic is, but especially for fitness sites because many people will access your site while at the gym or during exercise.

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